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I'm so sorry. Nowadays i'm so busy. I rarely update this journal because of my business. But you can find me at FB, tumblr, or dA. I'm more active there.

December 2010
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Fafa [userpic]

   { This is a NON FO Journal  }
--feel free to add me as your friends --
t h a n k s

My name is Fafa. 17 years old girl. I'm a fangirl but lately i'm so busy so there is no time to downloading  or updating about my JE fandom. I'm still update about the newest info of YUI. But there is "NO" for JE.

Fafa [userpic]

It's been a long time since the last time i'm watching a good dorama. But now, i get my holidays in a month. So i decide to watch dorama again. I got this dorama from mutimutimut (thx a lot). Although she only give me until episode 05, i already know the story is good.

Plus.. when i saw in nomanymore, it also have a good rating in Japan ! Of course. At first i thought this is another romace-story or something related to it. Because the atmosphere is almost same like NatsuNiji (Matsujun starred it). But i was wrong. The story is about Family-thing. ITS ABOUT FAMILY ! The theme is so rare found. Because lately, "investigation/crime/detective" is the most popular theme. But, i get bored with that theme. So, when i watch this... i'm so happy ^_^. The OST are good. ! Kimitte and Hatenai Sora.

Need, episode 6 ~ 10end T_T *sigh*

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Fafa [userpic]

What is that ?

 That's YUI new single cover !! This is the LImited Edition Version !
The tittle is.... RAIN !

I've listened to it many times. And that sounds like rock song ..

Ah .. i hope someday i'll get one of YUI's CD or DVD...
Hm... maybe, when YUI will release DVD concert or something like that... I'll buy that... with the consequences is ... EXPENSIVE

AAAA ~ PV is OUT ALRADY!! Not HQ yet, so i'll decided to download it when the HQ is out...
I like the concept ...
the best part is when the rain suddenly change into snow
wow 0_0

And that's make me remember nishayuki status on Facebook

" YUI's song are soundtracks of my life "

I'm totally agree with that...

Okay ....   my business in campus is decreasing ....
Our hardwork is appreciated well by "them" ... I'm so happy XDDDDDD
My no-sleep-all-night-for-two-days-and-sleep-only-in-the-morning giving a success !!!! XDDDDD
so... back agin to fangirling world =DD

Fafa [userpic]

I missed many dorama tittle that seems interesting to watch !!!! Here's the list of dorama that i really wanted to see ...


It's Shida Mirai !! I curious about her act here... Seems interesting
*still ongoing not end yet

Iryu 3 (Team Medical Dragon 3)

YESS! I do not know that there will be the third for this dorama! This is the best medical movie i've ever seen.
I won't miss it! Asada Ryutarou as a heart doctor !
I'm so happy XDDDD
*still ongoing too not end yet

And.. i'm waiting for this movies to get out soon since December Last Year !!

I really wanted to watch it ... ! 
But, the video seems not out yet...
Mukyaaa ~ Gyabooo ~


Is this really the last epiode ??

Here is the Download link, so i will not forget

OH NO! Another suprising news !
is out already!!!

I want to DOWNLOAD this too !

Fafa [userpic]

Watching dorama again.... i want to using my last free time this month.... Starting from tommorow until 29 Oct, i'll be busy with my campus activity.
The tittle of dorama that was chosesn is ....

And.. this time i have just realized that Haruka Ayase act so well ! She can act so "baka" but also cute in this dorama. I like her role there.

But, the most important part of this dorama is exist in the last part
Here the picture ...

Naohito Fujiki aka Buchou in this dorama... said something that also make me suprised.
Not only her

And suddenly she is collapsed ~


His words also almost make my heartbeat stop for a while....

source picture: googling

Can't wait to watch episode 2. And IDK when will i get another free time.
Starting tonight.. another slepless night ~

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